Peepul Projects

Peepul Project has ceased trading (June 2017)


Unfortunately, Project Spotlight became the proverbial solution looking for a problem – at least a problem that we know is there but is not easily identified or quantified. Our original premise of addressing project failure was still valid, but there is a continuous debate as to the causes, and our solution only addressed some of them and even then only in new & somewhat unorthodox ways.

Part of the difficulty we faced was that there was no single existing ‘application’ area that we could point to as the problem we solved, even when we widened the scope outside the project space – making it harder for us to communicate and for people to understand the product and its benefits.

Surprisingly, some senior IT people at Lend Lease to whom we demonstrated the system in March 2017, did ‘get it’, at least partially, but they didn’t seem able to get their business users interested. It was too different and unusual, and didn’t target a readily identifiable need or problem.

Keith Chapman & I have invested a lot in this, and have reached the point of realising that the product as it is doesn’t fit readily into easily definable & existing areas of problem or need, and we don’t have the ability & resources to carve out a new niche for ourselves. To make it a success would take a lot more effort & money – money we don’t have anymore.